Your donations fuel our mission’s success, and are very deeply appreciated!

  • Monetary Donations:   The League of Heroes Inspired (LHI) is an IRS-Certified 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization.  Donations to the LHI are fully tax-deductible within US laws and regulations. 
  • Item Donations:
    1. We are in need of gently used costumes – particularly Adult-sized SuperHero or Princess costumes!! All sizes welcome, and are GREATLY appreciated!!  We go through a LOT of costumes, as they wear our quickly when being active with children!  Sometimes someone like you or I has a costume we wore for a party or event, and it can go to good use here..
    2. New children’s toys, comics, books, and games are also greatly appreciated as we would love to always be able to gift these kids with a token of happiness to leave them after our Visits and Events. Sometimes even a small gift is the one thing that makes a child smile through their pain and suffering. 
    3. We will happily meet with you to pick up donations or please let us know how you may wish to get your donation to us!  Thank you in advance…!!