11873739_1649792845238503_8460217276333673594_nLeague of Heroes Inspired is a Volunteer-empowered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.  We work closely with hospitals, advocacy programs, and other agencies to bring archetypal Princesses and SuperHeroes to  children and teens who have experienced trauma, to inspire their Hero Within…

Why SuperHeroes and Princesses?   To kids, the archetype-accurate Heroes and Princesses are their relevant, contemporary role models for archetypal Hero story arcs.  Note: Not all Princesses and SuperHeroes developed and engaged in media are Archetypes.

Each Archetypal Princesses and SuperHeroes had a traumatized background (think Cinderella, Superman…)..

The characters may be fictional, but the stories behind their evolution are very real and very human.  The characters take real-world experiences to give them shape and depth in a way that kids — and adults — can relate to.  When someone with a traumatic history and/or demanding personal challenges is seen taking on Life’s calls for Heroism,  it sends the message that anyone is capable of doing great things.

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The mission of League of Heroes Inspired is ” Inspiring Children To Recognize And Access Their Hero Within! ”  Our work is therapeutically- and evidence-based, reflecting the following principles:

  • Self-esteem. Children and adolescents who have been through traumatizing circumstances are known to have lower self-esteem, lessened development of self-regulation, and tendencies towards such conditions as depression. Being able to draw parallels between the youths and favorite characters who are written to have similar backgrounds will provide an alternative perspective on their experiences.
  • Motivation. Along with the aforementioned conditions such as depression comes an inclination towards apathy: “Why should I bother trying if it’s not going to change anything anyway?” The first step to encourage someone towards self-empowerment is to make them want to have a change.
  • Self-empowerment. Seeing other people, fictional or otherwise, who have gone through similar experiences may be what at least some of the youths need for inspiration and boosted sense of Self-Efficacy,  improving their outlook, hope and access to skills to overcome their obstacles.