You. Included. Volunteering!

We are always looking for more volunteers to help with various things.

  • Be a Super Hero! If you think you might possibly be able to portray a Super Hero or Princess we’d love to have your help putting smiles on children’s faces! Regardless of who we are on a day to day basis, when we’re in costume, we are “On” and ready to be 100% in SuperHero mind & mode. You’ll want to know your Princess’s or SuperHero’s background because these children will know ALL ABOUT who you are and your super stories!  Playing  a Super Hero/Princess for these kids is amazing and VERY rewarding – seeing these children’s faces beam in joy and hope. We visit children in receiving homes, foster care agencies and homes, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, and various places where children are in a traumatizing situation and in need of an emotional lift. SuperHeroes/Princess Actors go through a screening and training to prepare for visiting the children. Costumes can be provided.
  • Behind the Scene Volunteer. Wanting to be a SuperHero and/or Princess but don’t want to don a costume?!  We have plenty of need for you! From helping with organization, marketing “spreading the word about us”, receiving  Donations, finding Associates, etc.,  you can make a difference!!  Think of this as “Moneypenny” helping James Bond position.
  • Event Volunteer.  Sometimes we need help with things for an event such as sharing fliers, calling sponsors and donors, picking up donated costumes and goodies, manning an event booth, event set up and take down, gift basket/raffle organizing, music, coordinating, etc. This is wonderful for those of us who don’t always have time to spare but if there is a one shot event we can volunteer to make a difference.