Your Donations in various forms to help make our mission a continuous success and are deeply appreciated!

  • Monetary Donations:
    1. The League of Heroes Inspired (LHI) is an IRS-Certified 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization.  Donations to the LHI are fully tax-deductible within US laws and regulations. 
    2. Costumes are a huge part of the function of the organization. Children will request for specific Super Heroes to visit them and the children’s wishes are our first priority. Initially, our donations go to purchasing costumes that are shared by volunteers to visit the children that range from princesses, cartoon characters, comic super heroes, video game heroes, athletic icons, singers, dancers, actors, etc. Their list is endless as to who they view as their super hero. 
    3. Gifts for children. Eventually, we’d like to be able to leave our children with a small gift to remember us by until we meet again. A method to help them hold on to and remember the visit and focus on better thoughts as they are going through their struggles after we leave.
  • Item Donations:
    1. We are in need of gently used costumes. Dig up your old Halloween/ Event Costumes because we can use them! Even Holiday Characters such as Santa Clause, Easter bunny, cartoon characters, etc. would be amazing and greatly appreciated. All sizes welcome. 
    2. New toys, comics, books, games for children are greatly appreciated as we would love to be able to gift these kids with a token of happiness to leave them with after visits. Sometimes these little things are the only thing that makes them smile after weeks of pain, suffering and traumatization. 
    3. We will happily meet with you to pick up donations or please take a look at our calendar to see where our drop off locations are in the area and you will see the pick up date of those locations.